It’s already the end of March guys and yet I’m still lost.

It honestly makes me sad that this blog is lost in the maze that I obviously created by January. I want this blog to be my journey more than ever but even the journey stop without even to begin with. I’m so disappointed with myself. I want to write more and more and more but I don’t know what to write.

I failed to keep the train move.

Why? I don’t know. It’s always happened. I already had things planned out so well like what I want to write, what kind of story that I want to tell but it’s always hard to find the end. The end was always awkward because saying goodbye is too cliche, see you soon sounds like it never happened and have a nice day sounds empty.

Out all of my insights, I’ll try to improve.

I will.




tumblr_p2mrd7bxnb1v6u0owo1_1280It’s 2018 and I’m starting, I wish you guys a beautiful year.

Anyway, I’ve got a job! It’s part-time but still, it’s hard to find works this day. I wonder how much of my energy would I dedicate to this work. I’m not choosy when it comes to a job but of course, it’s a lie to say that I don’t have any desired jobs out there.

There’s one job at the cat shop, which is I actually thinks that it’s pretty cool since I like cats and working with cats would be totally awesome but being an introvert I’m making me think several times. I might not be able to communicate well and the last time I checked the shop was mainly managed by guys. The conclusion is I did not take the chance of myself.

Next, the one at the fast food restaurant. The only thing that I could think of is FREE FOOD! So I applied for the job but unluckily not accepted. It’s probably because of the dress code when I applied for it. I overdressed. Sad.

But you know there’s nothing like giving up in human’s nature, even for the useless thing. People at the market may be already so tired of seeing me came 2 times a month until they decide to accept me anyway.

I don’t want to say something like ‘After all my hard works…,’. People around me work harder so shoutout to mom’s friend. Thanks, auntie!